the license of the lawyer in America

To become a us lawyer, you will need not only specialized education. Also, a license is required to practice in this field in the corresponding state. The classical scheme is a bachelor's degree, study in a law school, a four-day exam and a licensed attorney.

to pass the Exam in the Association or College of state bar after the interview and the provision of diploma and other documents. The first day allotted for the test on ethics, the second test on knowledge of American law, the third and the fourth exam on substantive law and the laws of the state in which you are testing. If a lawyer wants to move the practice to another state, he will again have to pass such tests.

In some States (Virginia, California, Washington, Vermont) a license issued (i.e. allow to be tested) after a judge two years. This option is referred to as reading law. For new York in this case, it is also required from 1 years of visiting of law school.

If you have a diploma of another country on a legal education you can also pass the tests for a license. But it is necessary to have a minimum of 3-letnee education program common law or pass a one-year training at the master's degree program in the United States.

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