the American lawyer: as specialists are in demand

Despite the fact that to become a lawyer in America is not easy, the market for legal services remains consistently high competition. On the other hand, it is due to the high cost of education and rather complex licensing lawyer in the USA is really high-class specialist. To be the best among their colleagues in such circumstances and it is difficult and honorable.

In the modern world the legal profession is one of the most prestigious and profitable. This is due to the demand for the services of experienced lawyers that help solve problems with the law and to protect their rights to large private and public enterprises and individuals. To become an expert who can win cases for their clients, whose services will be valued, you need to go the hard way.

Statistics show that about 300 Americans have 1 lawyer. The number of licensed professionals in this field in 2010 was 1 million lawyers and over 250 thousand. In the same year, 78% of companies worked only 2 - 5 lawyers, and 27% of specialists engaged in private practice. These figures prove the popularity of the profession in America and great demand for the services of lawyers.

the Structure of legal education in America is complicated, and its obligatory element is the training in law school, of which there are 200. In new York there are 15 such schools. Annually 40 thousand students receive the qualification of doctor of laws. After that, they will have to pass a serious exam to obtain a license and become a practicing professional.

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