Immigration lawyer in USA

American law is complex and has many peculiarities and differences, including in terms of education in the legal field. So, working as a lawyer in California, do not have to finish 3 years of doctoral studies at the relevant faculty. There is another option, suitable for those who received a legal education in another country. Such people can spend 1 year in master's degree and pass the California exam for the license of the lawyer.

This is done because in different countries the requirements for the level of education differ. In America, the students first get a bachelor's degree, and then for 3 years to attend law school. After that they get the opportunity to take the exam and become a licensed specialist. Therefore, when choosing an immigration lawyer is recommended to check his diplomas and licenses.

Ideal option would be a specialist who has an American doctorate, licensed in the state in which it has its firm. It is desirable to entrust the solution of their problems in this area is not just experienced and having a large percentage of successful cases the lawyer but also a specialist who studied for his JD degree in America.

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