What is an American legal business?

Many are the American lawyer as a young professional, fresh out of law school and immediately started to work in a large company. His career is developing rapidly, he leads a multimillion-dollar business and soon became a partner. It is not realistic, because large firms (with number of employees more than 40 people) in the United States no more than 2%. Most companies are small firms employing up to ten people. Almost 70% of the licensed attorneys engaged in them.

In the annual ranking of American Law edition, consisting of two groups reflected by the first and second hundred largest law firms. Firm, a member of the first hundred (AmLaw 100) is an organization of 780 lawyers and 180 partners and the amount of her income per year is: 830 thousand dollars per lawyer of $ 1.3 million - on partner. The list includes AmLaw 200 firms, employs 290 lawyers and 90 partners.

Annual revenue directly depends on the number of lawyers in the company, but there are some exceptions: firms that profit belong to the first hundred, and the number of staff in the second. Most of these companies are located in new York or specialize in two areas - litigation, intellectual property.

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