About the hourly rate for attorneys

Only a few categories of legal services have their own system of remuneration of specialists. In all other cases firmly established hourly rate. The lawyers called her "the Queen of fees" for efficiency when billing for services and payment. Today, this system is perceived as something self-evident. However, in 1960, the year about this and not heard.

the bottom line hourly rate is reduced payments are not the result of the work and the time that the lawyer spent to accomplish the task. Accounting and control - based accounts, which painted the entire process. Each month the client receives such invoice, and knows exactly what and how much to pay a specialist. Before paying for the services of lawyers were made according to price-lists, and they could vary in every state and the district - depending on what the prices for services will be formed of local legal associations.

In the Foundation of today's effective method has laid down a normal hour job, which allowed clearly see what was more effective lawyers, time to complete tasks in a short time. Accordingly, they need to be encouraged. Making conclusions, the creators adapted the system to life by setting each lawyer an hourly wage.

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