female Lawyers in the USA

Not to say that women lawyers in America as successful as their male colleagues. According to statistics, since the 70-ies of the last century, for forty years, the number of women in educational institutions, the legal profession has doubled - from 25% to 51% of the total number of graduates. It would seem that the load among the practitioners should also be distributed equally. But in fact, the number of lawyers among women is unlikely to 1/5 part.

in addition, the legal fees, there is a difference not in favor of women. The income level may be lower than about 25 000 and 65 000 or more per year. This stems from society's norms in respect of the clients to the lawyers here and the prejudices of a gender plan, and unequal conditions for communication with colleagues and clients, and a small number of female mentors. But mostly, to climb up the career ladder women lawyers prevents the need to balance work and family.

In the Prime of life, having a fresh perspective, knowledge base and already a good experience in business, female attorney forced to make a choice - to spend more time with children and husband, or to take up another business to earn not more than a thousand dollars? Instead of becoming partner in the firm outweighs the possibility of becoming a good mother. Overcome doubts and take the risk can not many of the fairer sex, although, of course, there are exceptions here.

Today in America, more and more women lawyers embraced the opportunity to work part-time, is a legitimate 12-week maternity leave early, taking such assistance, you automatically forget about a career. Today is gaining momentum also, the program of partial payment of lawyers, which is also designed to help reduce the interest disparity among lawyers of both sexes.

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