the way of the lawyer to success

There is a perception that lawyers and business concepts are hardly compatible. A successful firm providing legal services, owes its prosperity to the work of top managers - they outline the logic of the enterprise, are taught the business to his employees, who often oppose the introduction of new technologies. However, to achieve the purpose enough to be an entrepreneur - lawyers have to honor the traditions of their profession, its ethics, to understand their role in the social life of society.

In this sense, a good example is the mentoring - training of senior and experienced colleagues, novices all the tricks and nuances of the profession. It takes time, and giving of themselves to mentoring, the experienced attorneys pushed their case, helping the young to learn how to work with a variety of legal tasks. But none of them refuses to mentoring is a tradition, and to disturb her would be to betray the profession, to remain without successors, which, of course, capable of inflicting great harm to the common cause.

the Conservatism of the Americans here just the place, and the results of this approach to the profession is obvious: in a society where people regularly trust lawyers their reputation and life, formed a strong opinion that a reliable specialist paid one. He occupies a high position in society, and therefore we can trust him. Therefore, the lawyer does not pick up the experience of their colleagues, is unlikely to be successful.

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