Feature profession lawyer

Many people dream of becoming a lawyer. To become a practitioner in this area, the American youth will have a period of 7-8 years to learn the trade. The process consists of three stages - to get higher education, studying in a law school exam to be able to practice in the selected state.

to Have a bachelor's degree in the United States - one conditions of admission into law school, after which the diploma of doctor of laws. For admission to the school also need to pass the entrance test with a written assignment of the LSAT. The admissions Committee considers grades earned at the College and evaluates the work of the candidate on a topic related to their chosen profession.

to Obtain the degree of doctor of law after three years of study (or 4 for evening education). It is important to go through 86 credit hours. During the second year of study the student has the opportunity to choose their own interesting courses, and the practice direction can be selected at the end of the study.

This is a feature of the profession in the United States, due to the necessity of obtaining a license to practice is not in a particular direction, and in a certain state. If the lawyer wants to change the direction of practice, he will not have to take additional tests, but when the change of state is necessary.

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